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A space for teenagers to walk through life together, learning more about who they are and who God is.

Wednesday Nights
Lower level of main building

Our Goal is:
For Students to develop and deepen their personal faith. 
To disciple students through incarnational ministry.
To teach and train students fundamental Christian practices.
To equip students for mission and evangelism.


We believe:
That knowing Jesus at a young age impacts the future of a teen’s life.
That community is important and that teens flourish when they have mentors to walk through life with them.
That learning how to worship, pray, read the Bible, and serve, are formational aspects of a growing walk with Christ.
That age is not a limiting factor to a person’s purpose or range of impact.



Parent Information
We believe that community is an instrumental part of everyone’s faith journey, especially a teen. We as leaders are here for your students, to aid them in their spiritual development and walk through life with them. But, we know that you as parents get to spend the most time talking with and guiding your kids. So we are here not only for your students, but to partner with you. We are here to answer your questions about what your student is learning on a Wednesday night, where we see them growing, and to provide you resources to help your teen go deeper with Jesus.


2022-2023 Permission Slip and Medical Release Form:


Some ways to be “hands on” with your teen’s spiritual development:

  • Encourage your teen - Encourage them to come out to youth group regularly and ask them questions when they get home. Ask them about their Bible reading and prayer life and help remind your student that they are not alone in their faith journey. 

  • Model behavior and be honest about your journey - Walking with Jesus doesn’t always happen in a linear fashion; there are ups and downs which is why they call it a journey! It is beneficial for your kids to see and hear from you about where you are in your relationship with Jesus. Model what it looks like for you to have quiet time with Jesus. Let your kids catch you praying and reading your Bible.

  • Pray for your teen - Prayer is transformative. We as leaders are praying for the students regularly. Join us in interceding on their behalf for their needs and their relationship with Christ.

  • Sign up for parent emails - We send out monthly emails to keep you as parents and guardians in the loop about what your kids are learning. It is in these emails where you will find info about upcoming events, retreats, and signups.


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