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Our goal is:

  • To help children know, love, and be transformed by Jesus Christ

  • To draw near to each other as we draw closer to Jesus

  • To provide a sacred space to encounter the power and presence of God

  • To exemplify and encourage a missional life

We believe:

  • The Bible is a whole story both human and divine that points to Jesus.

  • In the importance of community, that growth happens through the support and encouragement of others.

  • That worship and prayer are essential parts of a growing relationship with Jesus.

  • That we are on mission to share the love and beauty of Jesus Christ with all people.


When you arrive on a Sunday Morning, our team will greet you and help you check in. If you are new with us you will be asked to fill out our Registration Form which provides us with the information to properly and safely care for your child. If you'd like to fill it out ahead of time, click the link below.

Upon check-in, you will receive stickers with a matching code, one for your child’s name tag and one for the parent/guardian. At the end of service, present this sticker to the PAG Kids Team Member at pick-up. Only individuals with the matching code (or those previously authorized in the “Information Form”) are allowed to pick up the child.


Once you have checked in, head into the sanctuary for worship as a family. We believe that worship is a whole-church practice, so children remain in service to experience true and genuine musical worship modeled by the adults around them. Nursery (Birth-Age 3) is available at the start of service downstairs in PAG Kids. If you have a baby feel free to bring them downstairs to nursery before returning to service with the rest of your family.

Children will be sent off to PAG Kids prior to the sermon. The PAG Kids Team Members are there to help escort them to their classrooms. You are welcome to stay in for the start of the sermon or if your child is still getting comfortable, you can walk with them downstairs to their classroom.


Here at PAG Kids we present weekly lesson topics from the Bible. We believe that the Bible is a whole story, both human and divine, that points to Jesus. We do not focus on the mere moral lessons, but on seeing Jesus through the Bible, who has the transformative power to work in our hearts.


We use the Gospel Project Curriculum which walks through the Bible, beginning to end, over 3 years. Each week we play games/make crafts to help us understand the Bible Story, watch the Bible Story Video, talk about the Christ Connection, and work on our Key Passage.





We want even the littlest of children to feel safe and loved. The Nursery is full of amazing PAG Kids Team Members ready to care for the needs of your little ones. We have age appropriate toys that are cleaned regularly. 


We understand that each child has different needs and schedules. When you bring your child to Nursery we have a quick form for you to fill out that will help us assist you in best meeting their sleeping, eating, and changing needs while they are in our care.

Our Family Lounge is for families with newborns. If you are not yet ready to bring your child to the Nursery, this lounge is a safe and quiet area for you to feed and calm your little one. There is also a TV that streams the service, so you won't miss a thing!




Our Preschool classroom is a fun and exciting place that your kids won’t want to leave! This class is full of visual teaching, games, toys, and movement to help our PAG Kids learn on an appropriate age level. Learning the same weekly lessons as the Elementary PAG Kids, in Preschool we take a hands-on approach with games and activities that not only help us understand the lesson but also hit our developmental milestones.


*Must be fully potty trained



RNI-Films-IMG-BDF996CC-D6A1-4577-964C-A89EC0E20338 2.JPG




Our Elementary Class is full of active games and fun activities that point back to our lesson. Together we watch the Bible Story Video and talk through how this relates to the Christ Connection. Discussion based, we allow for the PAG Kids to process through what they are learning and why it matters. Each week we build deeper relationships with each other and a deeper understanding of who God is.

We believe that raising a child truly takes a village. In order to help provide a strong spiritual foundation for our PAG Kids, we want to partner with you. By working together we can help kids develop a deeper relationship with God, rooted in experiencing the beauty of Jesus Christ.


  • Be Consistent: Children thrive off consistency, and when attending PAG Kids is a part of their normal routine, they can build deep relationships with both the team and other PAG Kids.

  • Read: Read the Bible together as a family, yes. But also take the time to read on your own. By deepening your relationship with Jesus, you can be better equipped to lead your family. 

  • Pray: We believe in the power of prayer. By joining us in praying for our kids, team members and PAG families, we bring our requests and desires directly to God, trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit to help us all develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.

  • Practice Memorizing Scripture: We believe that knowing the Word of God and seeing the beauty of Jesus through the Bible is important for the growth of all followers of Jesus. Each week in PAG Kids we practice the Key Passage that is directly related to the lessons they are learning each week.

  • Sign-up for Parent Emails: Each month an email goes out to parents to share what the children are learning, details about upcoming events, and additional resources for your family. This provides an opportunity for you as parents to continue the conversation in your own homes with discussion questions, activities and the Key Passage. Email, or hit the button below to be added to the list! 


Here at Pennington AG we offer you the opportunity to dedicate your child. Dedication is the act of commitment upon parents to raise their child in a way that points them to Jesus Christ. We as a church want to come alongside you as parents, offering prayer and support to you and your family. Click below if you would like to get more information about dedication.


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