Our Vision: Lead People to Jesus.

Whatever it Takes: No matter the situation see all problems as opportunities. We help a team member whether it is "our job" or not. We excitedly take on new responsibilities and help people wherever we can. As team members, as followers of Jesus, as leaders, we do whatever it takes.

Reject "Good" for "Great": We pursue excellence in everything we do. We never say “it’s good enough.” We may not be perfect, but we always strive for excellence. We don’t take the easy way out, the quick fixes or the temporary solutions; we are satisfied when we give our best.

Choose Joy: God has given us new life and we’re not looking back! We sing loudly, we pray boldly, and we always champion each other. We love others the way God loves us—unconditionally. We don’t let our emotions or attitudes dictate how we act, we choose joy.

Lead From the Front: People look up to us as leaders; we know the example we set is extremely important. We live our life and our faith knowing we are an example to others. We are passionate, bold, and excited. We don’t criticize from the back, we lead from the front.

Never Stop Growing: We commit to always become more like Jesus. We’re constantly seeking more spiritual depth, more emotional maturity and more intellectual growth. We regularly seek out new knowledge and training. We’re not satisfied with staying where we are, we want to become better.