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Leading people to Jesus worldwide.

Who are Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders are people, focusing on, praying for, and giving financially to see growth in the Kingdom of God. If you give generously to see His kingdom grow, you are a Kingdom Builder.


Just for a moment, think about the person who first shared Jesus with you. Think about the difference it has made in your life. What has that relationship with Jesus meant to you? It has the hope and joy you have in Jesus, the forgiveness and righteousness promised to you. Your life and your eternity are changed because someone made Jesus known to you.


42% of the world has no access to the knowledge of Jesus. Over three billion people are unaware of the hope, love, and peace that is possible for them. Think of the one man in Turkey, the young woman on a college campus, and your neighbor across the street. Kingdom Builders exists to lead lost and vulnerable people to Jesus.


Kingdom Builders exists to express over-and-above generosity at Pennington AG Church. We have seen the church rise up for individual needs when a need arises. Kingdom Builders is our way to become proactive and set our generosity goals on the great commission to help lead all people to Jesus Christ. 


Kingdom Builders at Pennington AG Church encompasses this desire to reach people globally, to reach people locally, and to set up future Christian leaders to continue the fulfillment of this calling.


We practice the Old Testament model of the tithe - giving back to God the first 10% of our income. The tithe is used for the operations and the day-to-day ministry of Pennington AG Church. From the tithe, we give 10% to Kingdom Builders to provide for our monthly missionary support.

When you give to Kingdom Builders in addition to the tithe, you are practicing generosity. Kingdom Builders extends our impact in Leading People to Jesus beyond our personal reach. Together we can build churches in NJ and around the world. Together we can feed and shelter thousands of vulnerable people. Together we can ensure that the story of Jesus has a future in the next generation(s). Together we are Building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ around the world.


Kingdom Builders funds projects in three areas:

  1. Global Missions

  2. Local Church Expansion

  3. Future Christian Leaders


Comes from Pennington AG Church's practice to support our missionaries. We give our first and our best to support those who commit their lives to make Jesus known. Goes to monthly support of 27 Missionaries and Missions organizations.



Generous gifts to Missionaries who visit Pennington AG Church and spend time sharing their mission at a weekend service.


  1. MEXICO CHURCH BUILDING Partnering with local churches in the Bajío Region of Central Mexico, to better serve the needs of the community.

  2. ST. KITTS CHURCH BUILDING -  Expanding the reach of a local church community by Partnering with Dale & Pati Coad to finish the construction of Church building in St.Kitts.


Partnership with the New Jersey Assemblies of God Ministry Network to plant even more Churches in New Jersey.


The most successful Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation worldwide to men and women. This project funds a housing unit for 20 men in our local chapter in Lebanon, NJ.


Practicing the Great Commission by serving Hopewell, Mercer County, and New Jersey with the love of God throughout the year. Matthew 28:19






Giving scholarships for students to attend retreats and conferences. Providing grants for underfunded staff to be able to spend more time investing in students on campus.


  1. YOUTH RETREAT SCHOLARSHIPS - Provision for youth who want to grow their faith on a weekend youth event.

  2. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS -  Scholarships for higher education. Given out to students who exemplify the values and mission of Pennington AG Church.


An opportunity to reach local families. Helping kids learn about Jesus Christ, and it providing opportunities for the whole family to have conversations on faith while being invited into the community here at PAG.

Take part in building the Kingdom:

These projects only receive funding by over-and-above giving to Kingdom Builders. When you give to Kingdom Builders, God’s kingdom grows through all of these projects.


At Pennington AG Church, we believe that every follower of Jesus is called to tithe, 10% of their income to God through their local church. Kingdom Builders is above and beyond our tithe and is a generous and sacrificial offering that God lays on our hearts to change the world.


If you have any questions about Kingdom Builders, don’t hesitate to contact us at, or call (609)737-2282.

2023 GOAL: $75,000

What can I do to support Kingdom Builders now?


PRAY: Pray about a goal you want to give to Kingdom Builders this year. Set your goal in faith. Write it down. Pray. Ask God to provide.


PLAN: Set a plan and a budget to give generously to Kingdom Builders and make a commitment. Ex. $50 or $100 a month. Decide on an amount you can be consistent with.


GIVE: So that all may hear of, and experience the love of Jesus, through our generosity.

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