Small Groups


What are small groups?

Small Groups have one simple purpose: bring people together. We believe that spending time together is where you will Find Freedom in relationship. We offer warm, friendly groups to encourage you on your journey in faith. Some meet at homes, some meet at the church, but all exist to pursue spiritual growth through Christ-centered community.

Life Together

Forming deeper relationships and community, in both group sessions and connections outside.

Learn Together

Growing spiritually with Bible-based curriculums, open leader-led discussions and reflection on where you are growing spiritually.

Pray Together

By and with your leaders, with each other, and through worship events.


Inside the group through fellowship meals, and outside as a group at church-sponsored outreaches and local areas. 

Find freedom

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Pennington AG Church

Sundays at 9:30 & 11:15a

87 Rt. 31 S Pennington NJ 08534